Boston University Chinese Traditional Clothing Club | 波士顿大学汉服社


Our Mission


Our goal is to advocate Chinese culture and history through Chinese traditional clothing from different dynasties, and arrange topic studies to demonstrate how Chinese traditional clothing could interact with contemporary fashion.

Aim & Purpose

Chinese Traditional Clothing Club is an advocacy group promoting Han clothing (Hanfu) movement, brings attention to traditional cultural heritage. Through visual art and literature, we’ll provide cultural experience to the BU community and develop ways of appreciation towards traditional aesthetics and inner philosophy.

Past Events

In the past one year, we have held a series of seminars and an anmount of events based on Chinese traditional holidays.

Hangzhou, Boston Celebrate 40-year Sister-City Ties

On May 1st, 2022, BUCTCC celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hangzhou-Boston Sister city partnership together from a variety of members at the Boston Children's museum.

Cherry Blossom Field Trip

The field trip besides Charles River with Hanfu.

Topic Study: The Past & Future of the Hanfu Revival Movement

Members of BUCTCC club explained the foundation origins and achievements of Chinese traditional clothing (HanFu) revival movement.

Fourth Training

BU CGS Annual Art Show & Coffee House

BUCTCC participated in this year’s Boston University College of General Studies’s annual Art Show.

Collaborations & News

In the past one year, BUCTCC has collaborated with a number of clubs, associations, and so on. Check our collaborations and news, and we are glad to collaborate with you in the future!